Textbook Service

Textbooks and other printed materials required for Webster Vienna coursework are complementary with tuition. To collect these materials, students have to come to the Textbook Service located on the 4th floor.

Please bring your student card, the course name, and number as well as the name of the course instructor to help us make sure you get the right books.

We remind students to pick up their textbooks no later than the end of week 2 of each term.

If students drop a class, they must return the material they collected in new condition within the drop period, otherwise, their accounts will be charged with the actual costs of the books. If students withdraw after the drop period, they may keep the textbooks.

Textbooks for Online Courses

For online courses, students need to order books from a bookstore.

To find out which book(s) you need for your course, visit the official St. Louis bookstore. For more support with online classes and materials, please contact the online learning center.

However, to order the book(s), we highly recommend that you chose a European bookseller (e.g. Facultas or Kuppitsch in Austria, or whichever bookstore works with the university in your country).
An order from the US will take much longer to arrive and cost you extra because of shipping and customs.

To request reimbursement of expenditures made for textbooks in an online course, please refer to this form. Please submit the completed form to your advisor for approval after the add/drop period is over.