University Senate

Authority and functions of the University Senate

The University Senate derives its authority from the legal and organizational framework stipulated in the Constitution of Webster Vienna Private University. It represents the interest of the faculty, the staff, and the students, enabling them to participate in matters of strategy development and quality management pertaining to teaching, research, and services.

The role of the University Senate as a consultative and decision-making body is based on the understanding that the responsibility and authority for the operation of the university are vested in the position of the Campus Director and the Executive Board where essential responsibility and authority over academic quality and rigor are also vested in the position of the department heads. The effectiveness of their leadership and decision-making however rests upon the understanding of the needs and concerns of the university’s stakeholders, the access to current and relevant information, the ability to muster a comprehensive choice of options and to elicit the confidence and support of various stakeholders of the university in implementing these decisions. To these ends, the University Senate acts as a representative body to support the process of communication and consultation between the leadership of the university and faculty, staff and students.

Faculty Senate group photo



Mr. Adam Louis Troldahl, MA, Business and Management Department

  • University Senate Chair
  • Constituency: Employed Staff

Ms. Darya Makshyna, Student Government Association

  • University Senate Vice-Chair
  • Constituency: Students

Dr. Marc Mehu, Psychology Department

  • Constituency: Employed Faculty

Dr. Jozef Batora, International Relations Department

  • Constituency: Employed Faculty

Dr. Monika Mokre, International Relations Department

  • Constituency: Adjunct Faculty

All Senate members can be reached via university.senate [at] as well as by their individual Webster e-mail addresses.