New Student Orientation

Congratulations, soon you will join the Webster community and start your studies on Vienna Campus. Before your exciting journey as a member of Webster community begins, there are a few things you need to do! Your studies will start with New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation is a fun and essential part of student success at Webster Vienna, which is why it is mandatory for all new students to attend. You will be surrounded by a great group of people from a lot of different countries! It is also required that you fill out the Request for the Student ID Card using the link in the text below. Make sure to check your email inbox regularly as we will send updates and instructions before your first day on Campus.

New Students Orientation is mandatory for all new students who begin their studies at Webster Vienna.

New students should pay close attention to their emails; important details regarding New Student Orientation will be sent shortly before the semester begins.

If new students have not yet done so, activating their Office 365 account will grant them access to all Microsoft Office software and their Webster emails. Click here for more information on how to activate their Office 365 accounts.

New Student Orientation helps our incoming students acclimate to university life, build lasting friendships, and understand the academic and student life policies. Workshops, meet-and-greets, and presentations will place you on the path to excellence at Webster Vienna.

Students will receive further information by email on New Student Orientation, requesting a student ID card, and more.

A student ID is required when checking out books from the library, accessing the computer lab, signing up for a certificate of enrollment, and entering certain parts of the campus (see our campus access policy). Students may also need proof that they’re a student in Vienna to qualify for student discounts or for the student metro ticket. Preparation of the cards will begin after registration has ended. Be aware that ID cards expire every semester. The expiration date can be extended at the reception desk at the beginning of each semester.

For more information please contact:

Contact Admissions
If you have admissions related questions, please contact:
+43 (0)664 427 3641