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Choosing a university for your degree is perhaps one of the biggest and most important decisions in your life. On this page and those that follow, we’d like to pose—and answer—one critical question for you: Why Webster?

History of Quality

  • Since its founding in the U.S. in 1915, Webster has grown to be one of the most prominent private universities in the world, with more than 100 campuses in eight countries on four continents. Today, Webster serves over 22,000 students worldwide and has a network of over 172,000 alumni.
  • The campus in Vienna was established in 1981. Webster Vienna Private University is the only university in Austria with dual accreditation, both the U.S. accreditation as well as Austrian private university accreditation by the Ministry of Education.
  • In 1985, Webster became the first institution to offer an accredited MBA program in Austria.
  • Webster's undergraduate degrees (BA and BS) and graduate degrees (MA, MS and MBA) are internationally recognized and accredited.
  • Webster Vienna is the only American university in Austria, the heart of Europe.




  • Our alumni have an exceptional record of being accepted to top institutions worldwide for graduate studies, and at major businesses for career-building positions. To read some of our Alumni testimonials and to find out where many of our graduates are now, please check our Alumni Careers page.
  • Through the Worldwide Webster University Online Community, graduates can access the International Career Center, personal homepages, message boards, chat room, and alumni Yellow Pages.
  • The Alumni Association in Vienna actively stays in touch with alumni through electronic and printed communications and by organizing regular alumni events.
  • The Webster Alumni network has over 172,000 alumni worldwide.
  • See the global network of Webster alumni on our Alumni Map at

Student-centered Philosophy

  • Webster provides a typical American Liberal Arts curriculum with an emphasis on teaching in an interactive seminar format, where students discuss issues with the instructor and each other.
  • Undergraduate classes are capped at 25 students, and graduate classes never have more than 20 students. This allows students, faculty and staff to develop close working relationships leading to discussions to maximize learning outcomes.
  • Teaching methods include lectures, group work, discussions, case study analysis, real life and research projects, coupled with team work and student presentations.
  • Our support system, from academic advisors to the writing and career development centers to counseling services, ensures that you have everything you need to succeed academically while adjusting to life in a new country.


What Webster Students say about Webster University

  • 92% have a favorable image of Webster University
  • 83% talk frequently with their Academic Advisor
  • 63% present frequently in front of the class
  • 60% have in depth discussions with fellow students
  • 60% discuss topics outside the classroom and work frequently with other students on projects
  • 49% work with faculty members on projects
  • 44% have participated in some form of internship, field experience, co-op and community service
  • 25% use the Webster Network to study abroad at other Webster campuses worldwide and immerse themselves in another culture.

What Counselors/Bildungsberater say about Webster University

April 2015 we opened the doors to high school Counselors and Bildungsberater from national and international high schools to learn more about Webster Vienna and what we can offer to their high schools students.

International Focus

  • Webster Vienna’s students represent over 70 nationalities, and faculty and staff over 20. With no national representation exceeding 20%, everyone on the Vienna campus is a minority. This international atmosphere helps form lifelong international bonds of friendship and a community united by mutual respect and understanding.


Qualified Faculty

  • Webster Vienna faculty members have received their qualifications from highly respected international and Austrian institutions such as Harvard University, Cambridge, Columbia, and the University of Vienna.
  • Most faculty members are employed in their fields of expertise, making courses current, relevant and practical. Professors bring their real life experiences into the classroom.

Academic Program

  • All courses are taught in English, allowing students to perfect their language skills on a professional level.
  • The program structure and individual academic advising allows students to complete their studies in a short and predictable amount of time.
  • Each student will be consulted by an Academic Advisor through the course of his/her studies, providing students with a clear program outline.
  • Students can tailor their Bachelor degree by combining areas of interest, for example earning a double major or a minor in different academic field.
  • Students work in teams on projects and case studies and develop great social skills in the international classroom setting.


  • Many programs offer 4 possible entry points for new students.
  • Most graduate classes are held in the evenings (from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.), ensuring that graduate students can pursue their career and study at the same time.
  • Students can pace their studies according to their personal and professional needs; students may attend the academic program full-time or part-time, and can even take a term off as necessary.

Professional Development

  • The Student Internship Program provides Webster students an opportunity to gain practical experience in multinational and local firms.
  • Our Career Placement Service can support students to find internships, providing practical experience, skills and resources, which add value for future employers in the increasingly competitive job market.

Vienna - the Heart of Europe

Multicultural and Friendly Community

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