Webster LEADS

Webster LEADS Leadership Certificate Program

Our Mission:

Webster LEADS is an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experience empowering our diverse student population to develop and excel as global citizens. Through a collaborative process between our students, staff, faculty, and the communities where we live and serve, we prepare our students with the knowledge, education and development to assume leadership on campus, in society, and in the global workforce.

We achieve this mission through:

  • Creating environments that foster personal reflection, significant relationships, diverse points of view, and student learning;
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop and apply their own philosophy and approach to leader-ship; and
  • Expecting students to serve as role models and educators within the Webster University community worldwide.

How does Webster LEADS work?

There are 5 main components which leaders must complete and choose their favorite two to repeat.

1. Leadership course: EDUC 2750: Student Leadership Development (3 credits)

2. Leadership Retreats: Local and European retreats to hone our skills

3. Professional Development Workshops (4): Offered regularly by the Career Development Center or Student Services

4. Service Learning Project: 40 hours of volunteering for community projects, at Webster or in the broader community

5. Practical Leadership Experience (5 terms): Leading a club, organizing events, being an officer of the Student Government, holding a Work Study Scholarship (subject to approval), serving as NSO leader

What do I get out of Webster LEADS?

  • Real leadership, organization, and team-work experience
  • Personal development
  • Certificate and medal at graduation
  • Studies show students who are involved in the community tend to have better grades and a stronger social support network
  • Make your CV stand out!

Am I eligible?

  • Are you an undergraduate student?
  • Do you like to take the initiative?
  • Can you see yourself develop as an individual while inspiring others?
  • Do you see yourself capable of making a difference to your environment?
  • Are you excited about sharing ideas and responsibilities?
  • Do you believe in working together to achieve bigger goals?

How do I join?

Sign the commitment form here.

You’ll be added to the .edu e-mail list and LEADS Facebook Group.

You're responsible for completing all components! Download the template (at the bottom of this page) to keep the Student Resource Center up-to-date with your progress each semester.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Kathryn Witkowski, MA
Student Resource Center Officer
Tel.: +43 1 269 92 93-4355
Webster Vienna Private University


Photos of previous LEADS activities: Cultural Workshop LEADS Retreat European LEADS Retreat Global Student Leadership Summit

Blank Checklist to be filled out every semester