Student Services

Webster Vienna is dedicated to optimizing the student’s experience in every way—academically, socially, and professionally—and provides a wide variety of resources to ensure that outcome.

Academic Support

  • Study Abroad
    Explore a world of opportunities at Webster with our global network of campuses. Our students have the opportunity to study abroad at other Webster campuses in Geneva, Leiden, Thailand, China, Greece, the USA, Ghana and the UK.
  • Erasmus+
    This year WVPU obtained funding from the Erasmus+ program to financially support students at the graduate or undergraduate level interested in doing a traineeship (work placement, internship, etc.) outside of Austria.
  • Information for Students
    Students new to Webster, and college life in general, will embark on a life changing and memorable adventure. Gather useful information on visas, health insurance, public transport and so on in our 'Information for Students' page.
  • Request Official Transcripts
    Students who has completed a course at Webster University may request a copy of their transcript.
  • Academic Policies
    Please follow this link for information about academic ground rules including the Honor Code, class attendance, and homework guidelines.
  • Connections
    The Connections Portal is an interactive portal with numerous features designed to help students interact more effectively with the university and with fellow students. Important information such as final grades, the degree audit and course enrollment information is posted on Connections.
  • The Media Center
    The Media Center organizes student and faculty use of audio-visual and digital equipment.

Social Assistance

  • Student Counseling Service
    Private, professional evaluations and consulting are available to assist you if you experience emotional difficulties (e.g. anxiety, depressive moods) or learning or academic difficulties (e.g. due to anxiety, motivation or concentration problems)
  • Learning Support Services
    If you have certain health conditions e.g. learning disabilities, please let us know right away so we can assess the situation to find out how we can accommodate your needs best.
  • Clubs and Organizations
    There are several special-interest clubs for students to join. In addition, each year all Webster campuses in Europe participate in a football tournament as well as a talent show.
  • Webster LEADS
    At Webster you have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills. This inspiring program offers you the chance to develop and be recognized for those abilities through special classes, workshops, retreats, projects and practical experiences.