Learning Support Services

  1. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students with certain health conditions e.g. learning disabilities, psychological disorders, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, acquired brain injury, blindness, limited or impaired vision, deafness, hearing loss, and/or other disabilities may be qualified to receive academic accommodations.

Such accommodations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Students are highly encouraged to begin the process to receive accommodations as soon as possible. Please contact Learning.Support@webster.ac.at for any questions.

Receiving Academic Accommodations

Students who wish to apply for academic accommodations must follow these steps:

1. Initial contact: Students are to request accommodations by contacting the Learning.Support@webster.ac.at. In order to expedite the process, students are highly encouraged to include details of his/her relevant medical history in this initial message.

Documentation: After the initial contact, there are two alternative paths the student may take:

2. a) Provide documentation of an official diagnosis by a qualified medical, psychological, or psychiatric professional. Students must complete the Request for Academic Accommodations form (PDF) and submit it alongside all official documentation. Any official documentation must either be in English or translated into English through an official translator.

b) Seek a professional assessment if the student does not have a documented diagnosis. The student can schedule an appointment with a qualified medical, psychological, or psychiatric professional off campus. If you need any recommendations of professionals in Vienna, please contact Learning.Support@webster.ac.at. ***Please note that the student must cover the cost for the professional assessment.

3. Eligibility Evaluation: The Learning Support Services and the Academic Resource Center (ARC) at the St. Louis campus will review the documentation provided. The Learning Support Services will then write and submit a formal recommendation to the Vienna campus Director for approval.

4. Notification Process: The Learning Support Services inform the student if his/her application for academic accommodations was approved. If the student receives academic accommodations, he/she must then:
a) Complete the “Release of Information Form”

b) Inform his/her instructors when he/she wishes to use the academic accommodations. After receiving the completed “Release of Information Form,” the Learning Support Services will contact the student’s academic advisor and instructors of his/her approved academic accommodations. However, the student retains the right to choose whether and when he/she wishes to utilize them.

Please contact Learning.Support@webster.ac.at for any questions, concerns, or feedback.