Transfer Students- Undergraduate

A transfer student is a student who is transferring from another accredited college or university and has accumulated over 30 US credit hours as transfer credits. Please make sure that your university is accredited by the local Ministry of Education or has an official regional US accreditation, otherwise we will not be able to transfer any courses you have completed into the Webster degree program. In order to receive a Bachelor Degree from Webster University, you need to complete at least 120 US credit hours or approximately 40 to 43 courses. On average, 1 course equals 3 US credit hours but there are also a few courses offering 1 credit hour or 4 credit hours. Please check our Academic Page for further information on our Bachelor and Master degrees.

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

The Office of the Registrar in St. Louis conducts the transfer-of-credit-hour evaluation. Once all of your documents have been provided to us here in Vienna and a full acceptance has been issued (not a provisional acceptance), we will send your official transcripts to St. Louis for evaluation. This process can take several weeks, so please make sure you send all outstanding documents in as soon as possible. A provisional acceptance wíll be granted if we have copies and are still awaiting some official documents.

Transfer Credit Grading Policy

The University accepts as transfer credit college-level work completed with a grade of C or better, subject to the maximum transferable credit hours. Courses completed with a grade of D have severe transfer restrictions and generally are not applicable toward graduation requirements at Webster.

If a student has more than the maximum transferable credit hours, 64 US credit hours from a community college (a two-year school) and 90 US credit hours from a senior college (a four-year school) or more than 90 US credit hours from any combination of post-secondary schools, the first courses accepted toward the Webster degree will be those with grades of A, B, C, or P. No D grades will transfer if the student has the maximum allowable credits, or more, available with grades of C or above. Students should be aware that severe restrictions apply on the use of D-graded courses toward graduation requirements. These restrictions include general education requirements as well as requirements in the major. Please be aware that the maximum number of transfer credits is 90 (Webster US diploma only*). If you have more transfer credits, you will not be able to transfer anything in excess of 90 and it might be better for you to finish your program at your current university. Please also be aware that only credits from accredited universities (by the Ministry of Education in your country) can be considered as transfer credits.

*One of the requirements to receive the Austrian accreditation is that the majority of courses need to be taken at Webster Vienna Private University, i.e. Webster's campus in Vienna, especially during the last year.

Transfer credits normally include

1. College/University - level work completed at accredited educational institutions. Please make sure that your college or university is accredited by the Ministry of your country for that purpose. The University accepts transfer credit college-level work satisfactorily completed with a grade of C or better. Courses completed with a grade of D have severe transfer restrictions and generally are not applicable toward graduation requirements at Webster. As a general rule of thumb, European ECTS credits might transfer on a rate of 2:1 eg 6 European ECTS credits = 3 US credit hours (at the Undergraduate level). The exact transfer depends on the course work, the hours of the specific class, content and also the grades received for the course.

A max of 90 transfer credit hours can be accepted from another accredited university. Please be aware that a Bachelor degree requires at least 120 US credit hours. In case of a high number of transfer credits, a student may accumulate more than 120 US credit hours since not all transfer credits apply to the course requirements needed for the different majors. Therefore the calculation of 120 US credit hours – transfer credits accepted DOES NOT equal the outstanding amount of credits still need to be completed at Webster University. An Academic Advisor can give you a better approximation once the Admissions department receives all academic transcripts from the students side.

2. Standardized tests conducted external to Webster. These include ACT-PEP; Excelsior College Examinations; CLEP; DANTES; GED College Level; and USAFI. Because this credit is normally designated lower division, no more than 64 US credit hours are transferable. Academic departments approve area exams, establish possible course equivalencies, determine acceptable test scores, and determine the amount and level of credit.

3. Extra-institutional credit. The University awards transfer credit for selected military and corporate training programs that have been reviewed by the American Council on Education (ACE).

4. Associate degrees. The University always attempts to provide full transfer of successfully completed associate's degrees from regionally accredited institutions. When part of a completed associate's degree, transfer credits may include pass/fail courses, advanced placement, credit by examination, dual credit, and experiential learning credits. The integrity of the associate's degree will not be invalidated by these components, and transfer credit will be provided according to existing academic policies.

5. Advanced Standing Credits.

Enrolled freshmen with the following high school degrees which are mentioned below, may qualify for advanced standing at Webster Vienna. This will shorten your normal 4 years Bachelor Degree to a bit over 3 years. Please be aware that the amount of advanced standing credits might vary due to your grades received in different subjects based on your final high school transcript. In order to receive advanced standing credits, a student needs to be fully accepted (not provisionally) at Webster Vienna.

Advanced standing credits will also be given to students who have AP, IB, or A - level results as indicated below:

Austria (up to 32 US credits)
Austrian Matura - Reifepruefung

Bosnia and Herzegovina (up to 32 US credits)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Matura/ Svjedodzb o Zavrzenoj Srednjoj Skoli)

Croatia (up to 32 US credits)
Croatian Certificate of Maturity (Svjedodzba o Mature) -

Denmark (up to 24 US credits)
Bevis Studentereksamens

England (up to 32 US credits)
GCE A/AS - levels

Finland (up to 24 US credits)

France (up to 32 US credits)
Baccalaureate De L'Enseignment Secondair

Germany (up to 32 US credits)
German Abitur - Hochschulreife, if 13 years, if only 12 years then no advanced standing credits are awarded

Hungary (up to 32 US credits)
Hungarian Maturity Certificate (Erettsegi Matura)

Iceland (up to 30 US credits)

Ireland (up to 24 US credits)
Leaving Certificate Exam

Italy (up to 24 US credits)
Diploma di Maturita Classica, Scientifica, or Linguistic AND
Diploma di Maturita Magistrale from instituto magistrale

Malaysia (up to 8 US credits)
Higher School Certificate - Advanced Level

Netherlands (up to 32 US credits)
VWO Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk

Norway (up to 32 US credits as of Fall 2014)
Vitnemal Vidergaende Skolen
Please be aware that a student will be awarded 4 semester hours for each subject with a grade of 3 or higher.

Serbia (up to 32 US credits)
Serbian Diploma of Acquired Secondary Education (Diplom Zavrsenoj Skoli)

Slovenia (up to 32 US credits)
Slovenian Maturity Examination Certificate (Maturitetno Spricevalo)

Spain (up to 20 US credits)
Titulo de Bachiller / Curso de Orientacn Univ

Sweden (up to 24 credits)
Gymnasium - Secondary School Leaving

Switzerland (up to 32 US credits)
Swiss maturite for passing subjects

Thailand (up to 60 US credits)
5 year degrees that begin in 10th grade

United Kingdom (up to 64 US credits)
Higher National Diploma (Edexcel)

Advanced Placement Credit (AP)

Enrolled freshmen who have taken advanced placement (AP), accelerated, or honors courses may qualify for college-level credit from the University. Students who wish such work to be considered for first year (freshman) lower-division transfer credit should submit official documentation for evaluation, including test scores and/or college transcripts.

Final credit is determined according to departmental guidelines for credit by exam.

Webster University grants credit in the appropriate academic department for scores of 3 or above on the advanced placement tests (AP exams) from the College Board. Exams are available in the following subject areas: art, biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science, economics, English literature and composition, French, German, government and politics, history, Latin, music, physics, and Spanish.

To request your Advanced Placement (AP) results, please do the following:

If you did not specify “Webster Vienna Private University” to receive your grade report at the time of testing, you can contact the automated AP Grade Reporting Service to send additional grade reports. Please request that your scores be sent from AP Services directly to Webster Vienna with our college code indicated (9131).
College Board Website

To request that your score reports be sent to colleges, call (609) 771-7366 (outside the United States, U.S. territories, or Canada) on or after July 4.

When Requesting Grade Reporting Services: Be sure to include the following information with each of your requests:

  • The grade reporting service(s) you are requesting. In this case, your Advanced Placement results.
  • Your full name, home address, gender, date of birth, AP number(s), and social security number (if you have one).
  • Each year you took AP Exams.
  • A credit card number and expiration date, or a check or money order for the exact amount due. Make checks and money orders payable to AP Exams.
  • When requesting additional grade reports, include the name, city and state, and college code (Webster Vienna - 9131) of the college you would like to receive your report.
  • When requesting grade withholding, grade cancellation, multiple-choice re-scoring, or your free-response booklets, also include the name(s) of the exam(s) to which your request applies.

Requests generally take one week to process.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Webster University recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) as a preparation for university studies. The University awards first year (freshman) lower-division transfer credit to enrolled students upon receipt of an official transcript of results obtained.

IB Diploma -Students who successfully complete the IB Diploma may receive University transfer credit for both higher level subjects and subsidiary level subjects. Credit hours are awarded as follows:

There are several acceptable formats for IB score results. A student may submit:

  • Copies of the Original Diploma certified by a Webster University Admissions Officer
  • Official Score reports from IB sent to the student
  • Official Score reports from IB sent to Webster
  • Scores reported via the web, verified by Webster. Please send an email to to request access for Webster Vienna.

The maximum allowed credit is 32 US credit hours. Credit is awarded as follows:

IB Diploma and Certificate:

  • Higher Level (HL) Subjects: 8 credits for each grade of 4 or higher
  • Subsidiary (SL) Subjects: 4 credits for each grade of 4 or higher

To request your final IB results, please send an e-mail to and ask them to make your results available online to Webster Vienna Private University.