Wenkheim Countdown

Webster Vienna is now located in the beautiful Palais Wenkheim conveniently located in Vienna's second district (Praterstrasse 23), just a few steps away from the city center. Built in 1826, Palais Wenkheim features tremendous architectural detailing, both interior and exterior. Palais Wenkheim can support as many as 1,000 students.

Our journey to Palais Wenkheim!

11. August 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: We are moving in!

Exterior shot of Palais WenkheimThis week we are opening the doors to our new campus – Palais Wenkheim. On Monday, August 11th, director Dr. Arthur Hirsh welcomed faculty and staff to their new offices and class rooms. This was a historic and very happy day for Webster Vienna. Palais Wenkheim is a magnificent, bright and elegant building with a very central location in Vienna. We now look forward to meet our new students for New Student Orientation on Wednesday the 20th of August and to welcome back all returning students on August the 25th.

9. July 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 6 Weeks

Student lounge in Palais WenkheimWith classes over and Webster closing for the summer, this will be our last Wenkheim Wednesday before the big move-in. We hope all of your final exams went well and we wish you a fantastic summer. But before you put away all your books and check out for the next 6 weeks, we would like to give you a tour of all the exciting places you will be able to study in Palais Wenkheim come fall.

The album we have pulled together for you includes comfy study spots in our Library Learning Center, the Student Lounge and throughout the hallways of the building. Whether you prefer working in groups with friends or in complete solitude, Wenkheim will have resources for all your study needs.

Have a great summer and we look forward to letting you have your own look at the Palais this fall!

2. July 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 7 Weeks

Exterior shot of Palais WenkheimNow that it is week 7 and classes are beginning to wrap up for the summer semester, consider for a moment that Palais Wenkheim is about as close in your future as your first day of summer classes is in the past. Just 7 more weeks to go! With the move-in date drawing very close, final preparations are being made for the big move from Berchtoldgasse 1 to Praterstrasse 23.

At Palais Wenkheim, furniture is continuously being moved-in. Tables and chairs have been added in classrooms, the student lounge, the library and many offices. In addition to the swivel desks we have featured in the past, many classrooms now have table seating too. Check out below for a number of classroom variations.

25. June 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 8 Week

Small gathering of business menAlthough still two months away from opening, Palais Wenkheim has begun to liven up as it hosted its first two events this week. Yesterday, a press conference was held to discuss Webster Vienna's up-coming move. Also, today, the Webster Vienna Advisory Board met and enjoyed their first tour of the renovated building.

With small chats in the atrium and refreshments in the library, the new building has already demonstrated its ideal environment for hosting both Webster and international events.

Recognizing the facility’s potential for accommodating events and conferences, a number of events have already been scheduled for this fall including Webster Vienna’s first Model United Nations’ conference, WebMUN 2014, the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation (ISMTF)’s 2014 Conference and the JEECAR International Business Conference.

18. June 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 9 Weeks

Side by side comparison of reception area and the model it was based onIt's once again Wenkheim Wednesday and we are now just 9 weeks away from the start of the Fall semester at the new Palais Wenkheim. This week, we are taking a look back at a few of the original campus models, drafted before our renovations. We are very proud of how far we have come and are excited as the next few weeks take us even closer to the finish line.

Now that the millwork is completed, the next steps will be to fill each empty room with furniture. Already, the remaining shelves are being placed into the library and more classrooms are being set up.

11. June 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 10 Weeks

Fountain benchOnly ten more weeks 'til we officially open the doors to Palais Wenkheim and begin a new chapter in Webster history. This week will be the final week for our construction workers as they briskly finish up the final touches to the building's mill work.

Since last week, the library's project rooms have nearly been completed. The rooms now feature comfortable booth seating, surrounding each room's large work table. In addition, sliding glass doors have been added to the rooms.

All of the swivel chairs have been moved out of the hallways and into classrooms. Be aware, the classrooms pictured so far currently have 5-10 more chairs inside them than planned and will be much more spacious once the semester begins.

A great deal of work has also been finished on the ground floor. We are very excited to now have seating surrounding our historic fountain and a new reception desk too! Most of what remains to be done will take place in the student lounge where even more benches are being built.

4. June 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 11 Weeks

New classroom in Palais WenkheimWe must wait only 11 more weeks until our students move into Webster's new campus, Palais Wenkheim. As the millwork continues, the Palais begins to look more and more like a university campus every day (apart from the giant machine being used for painting touch-ups in the Atrium). Today, we got a glimpse of the workers carrying in a few of the classroom desk/chairs and watched as they carried each of them up the stairs and into the classrooms. The chairs seen below are special swivel chairs which will be used in six of the university's classrooms. They will continue to move in more furniture during the upcoming weeks.

In the Academic Resource Center, the benches placed around the perimeter are nearly complete. The benches around the rest of the campus were also finished this week bringing a bit of color to building. Each floor has been assigned a color which has been used for the benches, the faculty kitchen flooring and on some of the acoustical paneling.

On the ground floor, we were very excited to see that the fountain is now working! When loud drills and equipment weren't being used, the peaceful sound of flowing water could be heard resonating throughout the Atrium.

On an administrative end, on Monday, the building was officially passed over to Webster, putting the university staff fully in charge of the new facility. This afternoon, staff and faculty members enjoyed a look at the campus as they discussed office floor plans and their upcoming move-in.

28. May 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 12 Weeks

Construction Progress at Palais WenkheimIt's Wenkheim Wednesday and just 12 more weeks 'til we move into the newly renovated Palais Wenkheim. With an extended weekend ahead, you may want to consider taking an evening stroll down Praterstrasse to see the Palais's beautiful, illuminating lights we had set up on the façade. Other additions include new studio lights in the Video Recording Studio. Although the room is completely black, the new lights have the ability to turn the studio into the brightest room in the building.

Also, with all of its construction finished, the atrium is now completely cleaned up and only awaits its furniture. With a fresh coat of white paint, the room looks quite stunning.

The last of the major changes from this week were in the Academic Resource Center. New shelves and benches are being built into place. As shown in the pictures, there will be benches wrapping all along the outside windows, providing both study and lounging space for student visitors. A new librarian reception desk has also been placed into the room right outside the project rooms.

21. May 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 13 Weeks

Exterior shot of light fixtures at Palais WenkheimIt's another Wenkheim Wednesday! Progress is moving very quickly as the crew works hard to make their June deadline requiring most of the mill work to be finished. In the Atrium, the Palais's previous lamps have been put back in place, giving an even classier atmosphere to the beautiful open room. In the Academic Resource Center, study carrels have been built and placed along the windows facing the atrium. Also, the project rooms now have dividing walls resulting in three separate rooms seating 6-8 people.

Throughout the rest of the building, every floor now has lockers built into them for student use. Students will be able to take out a key after submitting a 1 or 2 euro coin deposit and keep their belongings safely locked while in class or around the building. Other additions include fully functioning phones, internet and computer servers, flag poles outside the building, more lighting, further progress on the staff kitchens and hallway benches, and the painting of the walls in the video recording studios and all rooms on the ground floor.

14. May 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 14 Weeks

Added University name to exterior of Palais WenkheimIt's Wenkheim Wednesday and just 14 weeks to go until we move into our new building! Outside the Palais, passer-byers can now read our University's name which has been branded on the front of the building.

Over the past week, a great deal of mill work has also been underway. Our crew has begun moving in shelves and lockers into the fourth floor Academic Resource Center. Lockers have also been installed in a hallway on the second floor and will be available for students to use throughout their day on campus. Additionally, new benches are being built into many of the hallways to give students a location to lounge between classes. Other new additions include fully functioning elevators and the staff kitchens which are nearly complete.

7. May 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 15 Weeks

Scaffolding around Palais WenkheimHappy Wenkheim Wednesday! We have just 15 weeks until we move in and a great deal has happened lately at the new building. Earlier this week, the keys to the building were officially passed over to our new Head of Facility Management for Palais Wenkheim, Renata Caminada. The occasion marks the first step towards moving into the new Webster campus.

So far, the construction of the 1st through 5th floors is complete, while the ground floor will still need a week or two of additional construction work before it is finished. The most exciting advancement to occur this week, which all can enjoy, is the taking down of the scaffolding around the front of the building. Now the building glows on Praterstrasse with its beautiful, white facade. Other changes include the completion of the bathrooms and the installation of lighting in the atrium which will illuminate the glass ceiling during the evening. Look forward to next week as we begin to cover the furniture move-in.

30. April 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 16 Weeks

Construction of glass-walled meeting roomIt's another Wenkheim Wednesday! We're only 16 weeks away from our move-in and we hear developments will be taking place very quickly from here.

Over the past week, the crew has installed nearly all of the building's classroom and office doors and windows. To give a modern look to our neoclassical campus, the facility features a number of rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, which are likely to be glazed once finished. Other recent changes include more carpeting and installing covers to the heating/cooling systems.

The following photos feature the latest developments of two of our seminar rooms and a newly added meeting room.

23. April 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 17 Weeks

Project Room construction progressIt's Wenkheim Wednesday and just 17 weeks 'til we move into our new campus location!

Over last couple weeks, we have been documenting the progress of our latest addition to the Academic Resource Center, the project rooms. The framework of the rooms was started just a week and a half ago, and have already shown a great deal of progress.

Students will be able to reserve the work spaces for collaborative group projects, allowing them not to disturb other students who may be quietly working in the library.

16. April 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 18 Weeks

Foyer constructionWith just 18 weeks to go, we're getting even closer to moving into our beautiful, new campus, Palais Wenkheim.

Since last week there has been a great deal of progress going on in the Atrium. They have finished up painting the walls, cleaning up the floors and tearing down the remaining scaffolding. The historic fountain is visible again and not surrounded by a protective wall of wood. The crew has moved in a giant lift to help them reach the glass ceiling to touch up the windows.

Around the rest of the building, many workers have been painting doors, setting up lighting and putting covers on the new heating/cooling units.

02. April 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 20 Weeks

Exterior shot of Palais Wenkheim with scaffoldingWith just 20 weeks to go, this week the Palais construction crew moved the scaffolding from the back of the building to the front in order to paint. Inside, they have finished painting the atrium and have only a couple remaining levels of scaffolding remaining.

It is amazing to see how quickly the workers proceed with the carpeting. So far, the 4th and 5th floors are already fully carpeted.

With about 50 workers on the job, renovations are moving forward very quickly.

26. March 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 21 Weeks, Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Workers removing old wooden ceilingPalais Wenkheim's Academic Resource Center (ARC) has been quite a challenge to complete over the last few months. In the fall, the workers tore out the old wooden floors completely to prepare to build a new floor/ceiling which would hold the heavy weight of the incoming books. Since, the construction crew has developed a sturdy floor foundation, finished the floor and added carpeting. The following album tells the story of the ARC's development.

The finished Academic Resource Center will include 3 project rooms for group projects, computers, lounge seating, and the writing center for easy access to writing assistance while working on assignments.

19. March 2014 - Wenkheim Countdown: 22 Weeks

Scaffolding in atrium of Palais WenkheimOver the past few months, our upcoming campus, Palais Wenkheim, has been undergoing a series of renovations to transform the historical building into a proper learning facility. While much of the neoclassical building will remain the same, including many of the stone floors and the center fountain found in the atrium, a number of changes have been made to ensure the building's sustainability and student capacity. This past fall, the workers focused on building classrooms, refurbishing the traditional "altbau" windows, installing new electrical/internet cables and replacing the atrium's acoustics. 

More recently, the renovators have been installing new carpeting and putting up scaffolding in both the inside and outside of the building for painting.