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Student Management Reports and Tutorials

  • Admissions Status Report
    Shows the status of all new applicants for a term
  • Campus Section with Hours
    This report will give you a listing of all course sections for a specific term at your campus with the enrollments and credit hours for each section. This report also provides a grand total at the end. (This report excludes drops and withdraws and will match up with the credit hours that Academic Affairs has on record for your on-ground campus enrollments and credit hours)
  • Course File
    Provides an excel file that contains all course sections for a specific T erm, Session, or an entire Academic Year at your campus. This will include any campuses that fall under a Combined Campus Code such as COLO will include PETR. This file will contain the number registered, credit hours for each "738">section, course number, course title, course status, faculty ID, faculty name, instruction method for the course, the School/College/Dept. the course is under, and the start and end time for the course.
  • Course Section Summary
    Counts enrollment
  • Grade Distribution Report
    Prepares a spread sheet of grade distribution
  • Graduation Report
    Shows students who will graduate in a particular session
  • Enrollment
    Sorts and counts people by School, Degree, Major & Emphasis
  • Military Coding in CX
    video play iconVideo Tutorial. Provides step-by-step instructions on the new Military billing code process. It allows you to verify a student's status, ensuring accurate tuition billing. It also provides an updated field to input a military student's title (rank). | Quick Reference Guide (.pdf)
  • NEW! Military Status by Rank Report
    This report allows a campus to audit its military student records in the database and check that they show the correct status code, tuition code, title and military rank.
  • NEW! Military Tuition Rates & Scholarships
    This tutorial summarizes the Office of Military Affairs' 2016-17 tuition rates and scholarships and explains how and when to code them. It also includes a list of the types of rates and scholarships, including eligibility criteria and ID verification instruction.
  • Online Enrollment Report by Campus
    This report will give you a listing of students with your campus's Service Location and will list the online courses they are taking by term or for an entire Academic Year. (This report excludes drops and withdraws and will match up with the credit hours that Academic Affairs has on record for your campus and will determine the online revenue allocation for your campus)
  • Payment Options Report
    Shows one or all student payment options for a session
  • Petition to Graduate: Has a Petition to Graduate Been Received in the Office of Academic Affairs?
    This tutorial will show how to determine if a student's Petition to Graduate has been received in the Office of Academic Affairs. The information can be found in CX/JenzaMate.
  • Stop Out Report
    Shows students who have stopped enrollment
  • Stop-Out  Report Excel File
    Provides an excel file that lists students not enrolled in the current session who were enrolled in one of the two previous sessions. This list will exclude students who have already graduated and it excludes students with absolute holds or who have been dismissed. There is also a basic Stop-Out Report that will produce this same information but is only available as a Word document for printing.
  • Student Data File
    Creates a data file with distinct students who have taken a course at your campus. The file can be pulled for an entire academic year or for one term at a time. The file contains the Student ID, Full Name, UNDG/GRAD program, Service Location, Classification, Major, Minor, Emphasis, Student's Webster Email address, Original Enrollment date, etc.
  • NEW! Update a Student Record with a Reason for Stop Out
    A short visual tutorial on how to enter information on a student record with a Reason of Leave and Date of Leave.

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