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Credit By Exam

CLEP and DSST at the Testing Center

The Testing Center administers tests from two different lines of national credit-by-exam programs:  CLEP, the College Level Examination Program, and DSST, the DANTES Standardized Subject Tests. We offer all the available CLEP and DSST (with exception of Public Speaking) tests via computer, so unofficial score results are usually available at once (the exceptions are CLEP tests with essay components, which take longer to score). Official score reports are then sent to both the test-taker's home address and the institution s/he specifies within 2-3 weeks.  The Testing Center does not have access to individual test-takers' scores.

All students must register and pay for CLEP exams in advance of their appointment times. To do so please go to:

CLEP and DSST tests are open to both Webster and non-Webster students for the test's base costs plus a $25.00 proctor fee; test-takers with valid military IDs may be able to waive the base costs entirely, but they will need to pay the $25.00 fee and have that reimbursed separately. These tests are normally scheduled starting between 9am and 2pm, so that they can be completed while an authorized test administrator is in the Testing Center, and we try to avoid scheduling them during Webster midterms and finals periods (although we make exceptions to these guidelines on a case-by-case basis).

Webster Policies on Credit by Exam

Webster University accepts passing test scores from current and discontinued CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College examinations for college-level credit. Webster's faculty has reviewed the various tests and has determined criteria for accepting each of the tests for transfer. Departments have also determined course equivalents and indicated which departmental requirements can be met through which tests. Credits earned through any of the external testing programs are considered transfer credits; University policies limiting the number and level (lower/upper division) of transfer credits which can be counted toward a Webster University degree apply. Since the tests are scored on a pass/fail basis, the transfer credits will not affect a student's GPA.

If you already have taken college-level examinations prior to being accepted for admission as a degree-seeking student at Webster University, have your scores sent directly from the testing agency to Webster just as you have your other transcripts sent.

If you are a degree-seeking student at Webster, discuss your interest in taking any of the tests with your academic advisor. You should ask questions about:

  • potential duplication of credit (you cannot receive additional credit through testing if you already have earned credit for the equivalent course at Webster or elsewhere)
  • whether you have already taken upper-level courses in an area which would rule out receiving credit for lower-level tests (i.e., you cannot receive credit for the CLEP examinations in French if you already have Intermediate French on your transcript)
  • whether you have already transferred in the maximum credits in any category
  • what degree requirements (if any) will be met or left open if you pass the test(s)

The Testing Center is happy to provide general information about any of the tests in question or to schedule you for CLEP or DSST exams (we do not administer Excelsior College exams, but there are several locations in the St. Louis metro area which do). Unfortunately, we will not be able to determine how a given test will affect your major, gen-ed requirements, or other academic programs; that is why we recommend consulting your advisor before you test.

For more information on these exam policies and equivalencies please click here.

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