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The Online Writing Center is devoted to helping students become better, more confident writers. Our Online Writing Center coaches look at assignments primarily to provide advice on global issues (focus, development, organization, etc.). We mark some problems with style and conventions (grammar, formatting, spelling), but the OWC is not a proofreading or line-editing service. Especially on longer papers, we will mark only the first few pages for style and conventions and otherwise focus on content-based areas. With these marks, we attempt to draw your attention to patterns in your writing that have room for improvement. We help you gain the tools and skills to figure out the precise nature of problem areas and to make decisions about how you want to revise those areas. Our coaching staff consists of Masters level writing professionals.

Who Qualifies for Online Writing Assistance?

Online writing assistance is available to all Webster University students, alumni, faculty, and staff at all campuses in the U.S. or across the globe.However, undergraduate students at the Webster Groves campus are encouraged to visit the Virtual Writing Center. Contact the Writing Center at 314-246-8644 or make an appointment here


When you urge or require an entire class to submit their papers to the Online Writing Center, please communicate this to us with as much advance notice as possible so that we can allocate resources to meet your needs. Contact us with the number of students in the class, the due date for the assignment, and any additional information (such as the assignment prompt) that will allow us to better assist your students and to fulfill your expectations.

What is the Turnaround Time?

You can expect to receive your paper back in two to three business days from confirmation that your submission has been received. During peak times such as the weeks surrounding midterms and finals, that turnaround time is slightly longer, around four to five business days. Papers are processed by the OWC Staff Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM, so submissions sent in the evening or over the weekend will not be processed until the following business day. Please keep this in mind when submitting your paper for review to ensure that you will receive feedback before your deadlines or due dates. 

Submitting a Paper for Online Help

Webster's Online Writing Center operates via asynchronous, email transactions, facilitated by a Qualtrics submission survey. To send us your assignment, you must fill out the online submission form, which can be accessed the following ways:

  1. Click on this link to go directly to our form.
  2. Submit through WorldClassRoom. WorldClassRoom contains a variety of resources that can help you in not only writing but also other academic areas. After you select the Help menu, select the Writing Assistance link. On the following page, you will see resources for students as well as the link to submit your assignment to the Online Writing Center, under the Get Online Writing Help section. That link will take you to the submission form (also linked above).
  3. Submit through the Student tab in Connections.

The submission form must be filled out each time you wish to send a project to the Online Writing Center as it provides our Writing Coaches with important information about you as a student and your assignment to ensure that we can best meet your and your instructor’s needs for the project. Additionally, this information and a new form needs to be provided for each submission we review, either for a separate assignment or for a later draft. 

Submitting Longer Papers/Projects

Please be aware that the Online Writing Center will need additional time and processing procedures for longer papers or projects (more than 10 pages). One coaching session will accommodate approximately 7-10 pages, so longer projects should be sent in segments. We recommend that you save your document in separate files of 7-10 pages each and complete a new submission form for each. Please submit one form at a time and wait for the first submission to be returned before submitting the next. If you submit a file of more than 10 pages, please be aware that your assigned Writing Coach will only respond to the first 7-10 pages, depending on the scope of the project and the time of the semester.

The Coaching Session at a Glance

One you submit a paper to the OWC, you will be sent an e-mail from us confirming that your paper was received. Your paper will then be assigned to one of our Writing Coaches, who will do the following: 

  • Read your paper
  • Comment on global issues (focus, development, organization, etc.)
  • Mark selected areas for style and convention problems, as needed
  • Make suggestions regarding documentation, citation conventions, and tips for using online citation resources
  • Draw attention to and ask questions about assignment guidelines
  • Make suggestions using the comment function of Microsoft Word
  • Provide advice for further steps, either for that assignment or for future projects
  • Return your paper with those marks via e-mail
  • Optional: a Writing Coach can send a message to your instructor informing him/her that you have used our services. A student-initiated Writing Center confirmation abides by FERPA laws and does not include detailed information about what transpired in a session

What Writing Coaches cannot do:

  • Proofread for grammar or line-by-line editing
  • Work on Question and Answer style documents—this format often requires proofreading and editing
  • Read your original sources to confirm your reading comprehension
  • Work on quizzes, tests, midterms, or exams

Upon receipt of the paper, you may do any of the following:

  • Ask your Writing Coach to clarify any suggestions he/she made on your paper via e-mail (
  • Revise the paper and resubmit it by completing a new submission form (please be aware of due dates and our turnaround time)
  • Revise the paper and submit it to your instructor

Using Turnitin

The OWC submission process does not include submitting papers through Turnitin. For questions or concerns about course access to Turnitin, please consult your instructor.  For general Turnitin questions, contact Assistant Director Dr. Carolyn I. Brown at 314-246-7668 or

Further Questions

If you have additional questions about using the Online Writing Center, submission status, or feedback about our services, please contact Writing and Online Writing Center Coordinator Kristin Cobos at 314-246-8685 or


Writing Center Hours


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Regular Semester Hours:

9 am–7 pm


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(Webster University Library)


Writing Center Summer  Term:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
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Click here to schedule an appointment. For hours during breaks and inter-sessions, call (314) 246-8644