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Audit for Enrichment FAQ

What does it mean to "audit" a course?
Auditing a course means taking a course without receiving academic credit or a grade. A person who audits a course does so for purposes of self-enrichment and academic exploration.

Who can audit a course?
Participants must be at least 17 and have a high school degree. Current students taking courses for credit may not audit a course.

Who will be in the course?
Most of the students in the course will be undergraduate degree seeking students; there may or may not be other audit participants.

Is there a limit to the level and number of courses I may audit?
Yes, participants are allowed to take only undergraduate level classes and are limited to two audited courses per semester.

How much is the course?
The nonrefundable AFE fee is $100-$400 per course; individuals 60 years of age or older will receive a 50% discount. Webster University staff/faculty retirees may audit courses at no cost.

When/how do I pay for the course?
After you are registered for the course, you may pay. Payments may be made online or in person at the main campus (Webster Hall 101). You will also be able to view your statement online through Webster University's student portal "Connections". Your statement will include the full price of your courses, the discount you've received, and any payments made.

Do I have to apply to the University? Is there an application fee?
Yes, you need to submit a non-degree application; there is no fee to submit the application.

Do I have to have the required textbook?
In order to be fully engaged in the course, you will need to have the books and any additional materials required for the course.

Where can I buy books and supplies, or rent textbooks? Where can I sell my books at the end of the semester?
You can buy books online (from places like Amazon), or from the Webster University bookstore. Bookstore information can be found at: Books bought from the Webster University bookstore can be sold back at the end of the semester.

Do I get a grade for the course?
No, you will not receive a letter grade. The designation of "AU" will appear on the transcript and may not be used to satisfy prerequisite or requisite course requirements in degree programs. Audited courses may never be converted to academic credit.

Can I get a transcript of my audited courses?
Yes, you may order a transcript noting your audited courses from the Office of the Registrar. There is a $10 fee for each request.

Do I have to purchase a parking permit?
You are not required to purchase a parking permit unless you intend to park on campus. Public street parking is available, but very limited.

If I have further questions or concerns, who do I contact?
The Office of Academic Affairs at (314) 246-6905.