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Help with holds on your student record

Finding your hold  

Getting help with holds

Finding your hold 

If you have a hold on your student record, your registration may be delayed. Check your student account and resolve any holds before you register. To do this:

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  • Choose the Student tab, then choose Student Academic Services

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  • Holds will be found on your main Student Information screen. Click on Holds for additional information including contact information for the office related to the hold. 

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See below for information about how to resolve holds commonly found on student records. (Note: “Message Only” holds do not usually prevent registration.) Sometimes it will take a few days for a hold to come off your account once you have taken action. Be patient, but if it takes more than a couple of days, follow up with the office involved to make sure that you have submitted everything that is required. You may also want to ask for help from the Academic Advising Center (314-968-6972 or or the Office of First Year Experience and Undergraduate Persistence (314-246-2598 or

Getting help with holds  

Business Office  

Who do I contact?

Business Office
Phone: (800) 981-9803 or (314) 968-7410

Why do I have this hold?

If you have one of these holds on your account, it likely means that money is owed on your student account. You may need to make a payment on your account or resolve issues with your financial aid package or paperwork.

How can I remove this hold?

Check on your balance:

  • Log into Connections and access Student Account Financial Services. 

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  • Choose Make a Payment to review your current charges, or View Account History by Date to see details about charges.
  • Or, contact the Business Office at or (800) 981-9803 or (314) 968-7410 to check on your balance and to review payment options

Check on your financial aid eligibility:

  • Log into Connections and access Student Academic Services.
  • Review the three Financial Aid options: Main, Aid Awarded, and Documents Needed. Take any required action.

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Does my entire bill have to be paid off to register for next semester?

You should call the Bursar’s Office to ask this question, as it may vary depending on your situation. No matter what, you should strive to have this semester's balance paid off before the start of next semester even if you are able to register while you still have a small balance.

What’s the Difference? Financial Aid Office vs. Bursar’s/Cashier’s Office

The Financial Aid Office helps students secure funding for their education. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for assistance with Financial Aid.

The Bursar’s Office receives payments for student tuition. Visit the Bursar’s Office website for information about payment options.

What hold messages might I see?

Hold Code Hold Message
ADDR Bad Address
BODB Bus Ofc Direct Bill Prob
BOER Bus Ofc Emp Reimb Prob
BOFA Bus Ofc Fin Aid Prob 
BOPD Bus Ofc Paid Prob
BOTA Bus Ofc TA Prob 
BOTM Bus Ofc TMS Prob
BOTR Bus Ofc Tuit Remsn Prob
BOVA Bus Ofc VA Prob
Bus Ofc Voc Rehab Prob
BUSN Business Office Hold 
BANK Bankruptcy w/statement 
BK13 Bankruptcy CH13 
BK7  Bankrupt Chapter 7 
CLAY W/Collection Agency
CMBL CMS Balance Due
LEGL Legal Account
PERK Perkins Loan
PERM Bad Debt On Account 
PRE1 Prepay Required-Ret.Chek
PRE2 Prepay Required-Col Agen
PREP Pre-Payment Required
STAT Hold Statement


Health Services 

Why do I have this hold?

This hold indicates that you may need to submit health records to the Student Health Services Department.

How can I remove this hold/who do I contact?

Contact the Student Health Services Department:

Email: or
Phone: (314) 246-4207

What hold messages might I see?

Hold Code Hold Message
HEA1 Hlth Serv



Why do I have this hold?

If you have an Admissions hold on your account, this may indicate that you need to provide final transcripts or other credentials from previous educational institutions.

How can I remove this hold/who do I contact?

Contact Admissions to learn what information you need to provide:

Phone: (314) 246-7800 or (800) 75ENROLL

Official transcripts may be sent to: or the following address: 

Office of Admission
Webster University 
Webster Hall 130
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119 

To be considered official, transcripts must be received by Webster University directly from the issuing institution. If the student delivers the transcripts, they must be in sealed, unopened envelopes and certified with the official seal of the issuing institution.

What hold messages might I see?

Hold Code Hold Message
UNDG Undergrad Admission Hold
ADMS Graduate Admission Hold
GRA1  GESA Dropped - GRAD 
GRA5 GESA Lack of Transcript 
PEND Pending Dept/Site - GRAD 
IESL Intl Eng Testing 
IRF1 Intl Recruit Fall 1  
IRF2 Intl Recruit Fall 2
IRS1 Intl Recruit Spring 1
IRS2 Intl Recruit Spring 2
IRSU Intl Recruit Summer 



Why do I have this hold?

This type of hold indicates that there is a conduct issue that needs to be resolved. These holds are mostly used for sanctioning that has not been completed from a conduct hearing or meeting.

How can I remove this hold/who do I contact?

If you have incomplete sanctions, the sanctions must be completed to have the hold(s) removed from your account. Please review your conduct letter(s) for information on the sanction(s) and who to contact.

If you cannot locate your conduct letter(s) or would like more information on the holds, you may contact Fletcher Ferguson, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards: 

Phone: (314) 246-7767

What hold messages might I see?

Hold Code Hold Message
HJUD Housing-Judicial Hold
RJUD  Registration-Judicial Hold



Why do I have this hold?

You have an academic related condition that prevents you from taking classes until it is resolved as described in the policies of the academic catalog for your program.

How can I remove this hold/who do I contact?

Contact Academic Advising:

Phone: (800) 982-3847 or (314) 968-6972

What hold messages might I see?

Hold Code Hold Message
ACAD Academic Affairs Hold
ACRE Acad Reinstatement Hold 
ADVS Academic Advising Hold 


International Campuses 

Why do I have this hold?

These holds are Admissions (e.g., missing documentation) or Business Office (e.g., payment related) for students enrolled at an International location.

How can I remove this hold?

Contact the appropriate office at your campus.

What hold messages might I see?


Hold Code Hold Message
AFIN Athens Financial Hold

Phone: +30 211 990 5300  


Hold Code Hold Message
GEF1 Gene Adm Hold F1
GEF2 Gene Adm Hold F2 
GERO Geneva Registrar Office 
GES1 Gene Adm Hold S1 
GES2 Gene Adm Hold S2 
GESU Gene Adm Hold Su 
GFIN  Geneva Financial Hold

Phone: +41 22 959 8060  


Hold Code Hold Message
LEF1 LEID Adm Hold F1
LEF2 LEID Adm Hold F2 
LEID Leiden Prepayment Hold 
LES1 LEID Adm Hold S1 
LES2  LEID Adm Hold S2 
LEWD LEID Withdrw Mst Readmit
LFIN Leiden Financial Hold

Phone: +31 (0)71 516 8000  


Hold Code Hold Message
THF1 THAI Adm Hold F1 
THF2 THAI Adm Hold F2 
THFI THAI Finance Hold 
THS1 THAI Adm Hold S1  
THS2 THAI Adm Hold S2 

Cha-am phone: +66 (0) 32 899 100 
Bangkok phone: +66 (0) 21 066 599


Course Section
VFIN Vienna Finance Hold
VFPH Vienna Prepayment Hold 
VIF1 Vien Adm Hold F1 
VIF2 Vien Adm Hold F2 
VIS1 Vien Adm Hold Sp1 
VIS2 Vien Adm Hold Sp2 
VISU Vien Adm Hold Su 

Phone: +43 (0)1 - 269 92 93 - 0


Code Message How to Resolve
UZF1 Admissions hold Fall 1 Contact
UZF2 Admissions hold Fall 2 Contact
UZS1 Admissions hold Spring 1 Contact
UZS2 Admissions hold Spring 2 Contact
UZSU Admissions hold Summer Contact
TKFI Financial hold Contact
ADVS Academic Advising hold Contact
UZWD Withdrawn, must readmit hold Contact



If you have a hold on your account that is not listed above:

  • Log into Connections, choose the Student tab, then choose Student Academic Services

screen shot

  • Holds will be found on your main Student Information screen. Review any details provided about your hold.
  • If a phone number is provided, call that number for more information. 
  • If a phone number is not given, or if you have additional questions, contact Academic Advising at or (800) 982-3847 or (314) 968-6972.


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