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St. Louis Community College and Webster University Nursing Dual Admission Program

The Dual Admission program (DAP) between St. Louis Community College and Webster University makes it possible for students to be jointly admitted to both institutions.  It provides nursing students at STLCC with the opportunity to seamlessly complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Webster University and provides students with access to resources at both institutions. 

Benefits of the Dual Admission Program

  • You can work with a faculty advisor to maximize transfer credit and complete your BSN more efficiently. 
  • You can be admitted to the nursing program at Webster immediately upon admission to the ADN program at STLCC; this gives you the opportunity to tell potential employers you are admitted into a BSN program while still pursuing your associate degree.
  • You can take classes at Webster while completing your ADN program.*  See section below for more information regarding possible dual enrollment.
  • You can participate in all student activities at STLCC and open attendance student activities at Webster.
  • You can access student services--including computer labs, library, and on-campus speakers and events-- at both institutions.
  • Work while you learn--Webster's evening and online classes provide flexibility to allow you to work while you pursue your BSN degree.

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

A student must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate in the dual admission program:

  • Apply for dual admission program during the first two semesters (or 30 credit hours) of acceptance and enrollment into the Associate in Applied Science Nursing program at STLCC and register for NUR 151 Fundamentals of Nursing.
  • Intend to pursue both an associate and baccalaureate degree.
  • Meet Webster University and nursing department minimum GPA and admission requirements.

Students who have previously matriculated at Webster are not eligible to participate in the dual admission program, but should follow the procedures for readmission.

Following are the admission requirements for the BSN dual admission program at Webster:

  • Full acceptance into nursing program at St. Louis Community College. Students should be registered for NUR 151 Fundamentals of Nursing at STLCC.
  • Submit an undergraduate online application for admission to Webster. Select Transfer under Admit Type, select yes for Dual Admission and St. Louis Community College as partner school. 
  • Submit a Dual Admission Intent to Participate form to or upload into your application.  This form authorizes the institutions to share appropriate admissions, financial, and academic information concerning your enrollment and performance. It also allows Webster to request your STLCC transcript on your behalf.
  • Submit official transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions attended.
  • If you have completed less than 30 college-level credit hours at the time of application to the dual admission program, submit an official high school transcript.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is required for acceptance into the dual admission program, and a 2.5 cumulative GPA shall be maintained at STLCC to remain in the dual admission program.
  • Students shall submit a professional resume and complete an interview with a faculty member prior to full acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Webster.
  • Students shall successfully and satisfactorily complete a drug screen and criminal background check, plus submit other required documents including, but not limited to, a health history; a vaccination/immunization profile (influenza, HepB, TDap/Td, MMR, and varicella); annual TB test/screen; evidence of American Heart Association CPR certification; a copy of current personal health insurance card; and a signed student contract prior to full acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Webster.
  • At the time students would be entering the BSN program at Webster, they shall have current and unencumbered licensure (or eligibility for licensure) as a registered nurse.

Students shall complete their Associate Degree in Nursing at STLCC within three years of acceptance into the Dual Admission Program and enroll at Webster within one academic semester following STLCC graduation.  Students must maintain good standing as defined by each institution to continue participation in the Dual Admission program.

Students are responsible for meeting graduation and degree requirements as put forth by each institution. Participation in the dual admission program does not guarantee graduation from the community college or Webster University within a specified time frame.

*Dual admission ADN to BSN applicants who wish to take BSN curriculum courses while completing the ADN must complete all GCP, pre-requisite and elective credit hours prior to taking nursing classes. Give the prelicensure status of dual admission students, ADN students may only enroll in NURS 3010 and NURS 4410. Enrollment in additional nursing curriculum courses is contingent on successful completion of the ADN, submission of proof of current unencumbered U.S. registered nurse licensure, and successful completion of a drug screen, criminal background check and other compliance documents. Students who choose to dual enroll will pay tuition directly to the institution providing the course to the student. For financial aid purposes, students can only be declared as degree-seeking at and receive financial aid from one institution at a time. 

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