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DADAH Modified Operations for Spring 2020

The VAST is closed for everything except access to pick up something needed. Students will not be able to work in the studios. Per the University: Students who need to access any building must coordinate with a faculty or staff member who can meet them to let them enter. All faculty and staff members are required to let Public Safety know ahead of time when meeting with a student in these buildings. Faculty and staff can do this by e-mailing and reporting when the student will be in the building and what room(s) the student will visit. This measure is a University-wide process related to Modified Operations so Public Safety is aware that students are in the building.

The Hunt House and DADAH Office is closed. Alexandria Pierce, Department Representative, and Ryan E. Gregg, Department Chair, can be reached via phone and WebEx 9:00 am–5:00 pm, and via email. See below for contact info. Department Faculty can be reached via email.

Pre-registration advising will occur the week of March 30–April 3. Please contact your advisor to arrange a meeting time. Meetings will occur over videochat or phone. You must confer with your advisor in order to register. Your advisor will fill out the registration form as a fillable pdf, and send that to the registrar. You will not be required to deliver the form to the registrar this semester (as would be usual). The registrar will register you the following week on the appropriate day. If your advisor is on leave or you do not have one, you can meet with any of the full-time faculty, and Ryan is always available to do so as well.

BFA and BA Exhibitions will be organized as an online exhibit. The details of this are still being worked out. BFA Thesis and BA Exhibition instructors will communicate directly with their students once details are arranged.

DADAH Critique and BFA Review will occur through WorldClassroom. Each review already has its own page in Canvas, and students will submit work through that system. Details will be communicated to those students as they become available.

Ryan E. Gregg, PhD
Assoc. Professor & Chair

Alexandria Pierce
Department Representative