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Faculty and Staff

We are in the process of developing a list of staff and faculty who identify as having been first-generation students. These faculty and staff are provided with a button (I'm the First) and a card with talking points. These faculty and staff will be invited to a reception later in the fall where we will talk with first generation students about resources, programs, and opportunities.

Here is a small sampling of the faculty and staff at Webster who were first-generation college students:

  • Elizabeth (Beth) Stroble, president
  • Ted Hoef, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students
  • Corey Hawkins, coordinator, multicultural center and international student affairs
  • Bethany Keller, assistant director, multicultural center and international student affairs
  • Jim Myers, associate vice president for financial aid and admissions
  • Erica Ellard, director of the academic resource center
  • Lindsey Kingston, assistant professor, international human rights
  • Brenda Boyce, associate professor, math/computer science
  • JB Kwon, assistant professor, anthropology and sociology
  • James Robey, chairperson, dance department
  • Don Conway-Long, professor, anthropology
  • Shari Skrabacz, executive assistant to the president
  • Bill Barrett, professor, photography
  • Andrea Miller, lecturer, anthropology and sociology
  • Annie Stevens, adjunct faculty, religious studies
  • Jennifer Stewart, director of student engagement
  • Ron Gibbs, development officer for the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts
  • Trezette Dixon, assistant director, career planning and development center
  • Laura Rein, Dean of University Libraries