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Voting at Webster University

Students have unique issues when it comes to voting. Do you register where you go to school or where your permanent address is? Will you lose financial aid if you change your voter registration? Will you need to change your driver's license if you vote in Missouri?

This site is designed to give you information to help you find answers, register to vote and research the issues. This is a non-partisan informational page to give you the tools you need to vote.

Notary Services

If Webster University students, faculty or staff need to get a ballot notarized, the following Webster University employees are notaries and would be able to do this at no cost during office hours. Please contact them via e-mail or phone to arrange an appointment. 

Kacey Pennington
*Kacey is in the office on Thursdays & Fridays
Loretto Hall, 2nd floor

Tanya Seale

Loretto Hall, 3rd floor

Jennifer Stewart
University Center 

Lori Watson 
*Available Monday, Wednesday & Friday, half days
200 Hazel (CMS Building)

Jeanelle Wiley
Loretto Hall, 370

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