COVID-19 Task Force | Webster University

COVID-19 Task Force

Coordinating Preparation and Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Webster University formed the COVID-19 Task Force to coordinate operational preparation and response throughout its campus network. While all campuses were on remote operations, the Task Force for Transition & Adaptability was formed to coordinate policy and guidance for a safe, phased return to on-campus operations.

Task Force for Transition & Adaptability

The Task Force for Transition & Adaptability includes three working groups includes three working groups of faculty and staff representing different areas of the university and collecting input from students, faculty and staff to inform and guide a safe, phased transition back to on-campus operations.

COVID-19 Task Force 

Webster's quick, flexible response and coordination at the beginning of the pandemic and during the switch to remote operations in Spring 2020 was steered by the members of the COVID-19 Task Force:

  • Rick Meyer (chair)
  • John Buck
  • Ken Creehan
  • Vincent C. Flewellen
  • Cheryl Fritz
  • Kevin Heuser
  • Jeanene George
  • Rick Gerger
  • Nancy Hellerud
  • Maggie Laur
  • Margie Muthukumaru
  • John Pyle
  • Rick Rockwell
  • Jody Spiess
  • Hannah Verity