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Global Citizenship Program (Webster’s General Education Program)

Living and working in the 21st century demands more complex skills and abilities than during previous eras. Expert thinking, complex communications skills, problem-solving, and working with diverse teams are more important than ever.

AGLS Award for Improving General Education Badge

Practically speaking, the Global Citizenship Program is a set of undergraduate degree requirements and a general education program developed by Webster University faculty to help prepare students to confront global problems and 21st-century challenges. Holistically, it is the blueprint to ensure Webster University graduates skilled women and men, prepared to take responsibility and apply what they know in any situation anywhere.

Today's college students are likely to have more than a dozen jobs by the time they turn 40. Every year, more than 30 million Americans work in jobs that did not exist three months previously. [Bureau of Labor Statistics] That pattern holds throughout the developed world.

Webster University is preparing students from more than 100 nations, at campuses on four continents, to meet the demands of this interconnected and global century. Our graduates will confront unanticipated challenges, doing jobs that don't yet exist, as they contribute to solving local, regional, and global problems.

By helping them develop knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, intellectual and practical skills, understanding of personal and global responsibility, and the abilities to integrate and apply what is learned, the Global Citizenship Program is designed to help Webster students excel in this new world.