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Advising in the GCP and Ensuring Quality

The Global Citizenship Program aims to ensure that every undergraduate student emerges from Webster University with the core competencies required for responsible global citizenship in the 21st century. To achieve that mission, we must focus not only on teaching, but also on advising students and on ensuring the quality of the learning experiences that the GCP provides.

Below, please find links to resources to assist in student advising and in assessment for the GCP.



Webster University is using two different approaches to assess the Global Citizenship Program and for its continuous improvement.

Academic departments assess individual courses by monitoring student learning in the knowledge and skills areas of the GCP. Each department reports to the Global Citizenship Program Committee annually the results of its assessment work and the steps to be taken to improve each course. Many departments rely on the TK20 online tool to organize and manage data concerning student in GCP (and other) courses. The GCPC periodically recertifies courses for participation in the Global Citizenship Program curriculum, in part on the basis of the evidence furnished by departmental reporting.

In addition, instructors score student performance in the First Year and the Global Keystone Seminars. The Director of the GCP and members of the GCP Committee use that data and the data from the "Middle Eight" courses to understand student learning across their time studying at Webster.

Linked below are resources to help department chairs and others with GCP assessment.


While satisfying graduation requirements is ultimately the responsibility of each individual student, because of the purposeful nature of the GCP, advisors play important roles. Advisors have more experience with the GCP than students do, and they have knowledge about the goals and structure of the program.

A number of resources are available to support academic advising in the GCP. Worksheets to plan (and to track) students' paths to completing the requirements are available in the Academic Advising group in Canvas (WorldClassroom), and are linked below.

The Advising Resources group contains the "GCP Advising Guide" developed by Academic Advising, which includes descriptions of program components, rules pertaining to required grades in the GCP, and many other important things. Also in the Advising Resources group are principles for evaluating transfer courses, FAQs and related discussion, and a wealth of policy guidance.

The GCP Director has authority to approve transfer student or other course substitutions, in consultation with department chairs and others as appropriate. In the event a student wishes to appeal the Director's decision, the GCP Committee has established a process and an appeals committee.