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GCP First Year Seminars

First Year Seminar (FRSH 1200)

Great thinkers have a passion to question and to understand, as well as the drive and desire to  learn. Some are famous people celebrated in history books, and some are more ordinary folks who find solutions to everyday problems. First Year Seminars at Webster University are designed to help students improve their abilities to integrate, transfer, make connections among, and apply knowledge -- in short, to become great thinkers who are prepared for responsible global citizenship.

Seminar professors are passionate about the topics they teach on a personal and professional level. They are eager to examine and investigate these topics together with a small group of students just starting college. These professors invest in their students, help acclimate them to Webster University, and set a standard for academic excellence that prepares students for success in college and beyond.

First Year Seminars succeed not only through exciting learning experiences, but also through establishing a sense of community. Seminars are small classes (typically about fifteen students), so they are able to feature a lot of discussion and interaction. In First Year Seminars, students build trust in one another and confidence in themselves, as they think critically and express themselves clearly.

Every seminar draws on several academic subjects and on the passion and expertise of each professor. This means that there are many different topics every year and that the topics change from one year to the next.


Who takes First Year Seminar?

First Year Seminar is required for all new full-time degree-seeking freshmen (who have not previously matriculated at another post- secondary institution or who have fewer than 16 credit hours of college credit and who are also younger than 20 years old). It is open only to students who are newly matriculated to Webster University. At the home campus in Webster Groves, it is offered only in the Fall semester. (Some international campuses offer it in the Spring, also.)

Undergraduate degree requirement

As part of the Global Citizenship Program, completing First Year Seminar is an "undergraduate degree requirement." Students who earn a grade lower than "C-" must fulfill the requirement with an approved substitute course that addresses interdisciplinary and integrative learning. Similarly, students who transfer to Webster University meet the requirement by completing three credit hours from a list of approved substitute courses. See the list at the top of the GCP Degree Audit in Connections, or contact an academic advisor for more information.