Mission of the Global Citizenship Program | Webster University

Mission of the Global Citizenship Program

The mission of the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) is to ensure that every undergraduate student emerges from Webster University with the core competencies required for responsible global citizenship in the 21st century.

These competencies include both knowledge and skills, as reflected in the GCP learning outcomes. Responsible global citizenship requires knowledge of the world: its physical and natural aspects, how humans and their social institutions work, how humans derive meaning and express themselves artistically, how forces pull people of the world together or push us apart, and how to support arguments with quantitative date. To be effective in the 21st century, whether in the workplace, in community organizations, in the neighborhood, or at home, we need critical skills: creative and critical thinking, both oral and written communication abilities, quantitative literacy, intercultural competence, assessing ethical values and being able to apply and evaluate ethical perspectives and concepts, the ability to connect academic and life experience and to apply learning to complex problems or in new situations, and the ability to collaborate as one member of a team.