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Graduate Council


The Graduate Council is made up of faculty and supporting non-voting administrators who meet throughout the year. The complete description of the duties and responsibilities can be found in the University Handbook. High level functions of the Graduate Council include:

  • Approval of new courses, new programs, other curriculum changes, and individualized areas of concentration.
  • Review, evaluation, and recommendations concerning academic standards, graduation requirements, the academic calendar, and any other factors related to graduate curriculum of the University.
  • Review and approval of academic policies related to the graduate programs.
  • Establishing written guidelines for the review of appeals from students who have been dismissed.


All proposals should be submitted to the Graduate Council Coordinator, Michele Boesch, in Academic Affairs by inter-office mail or electronically to  Catalogs are published annually on April 1 in draft format followed by the hard publication of June 1. Deadlines for proposals are set annually and communicated to the Deans of each School/College..

The early submittal of proposals is strongly encouraged to allow maximum time for review.  A requested agenda date is not guaranteed as proposals are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  All proposals will be reviewed for consistency and catalog structure and standards by the Catalog Coordinator prior to being presented to Graduate Council.

Proposal Forms

The proposal forms are dynamic and it is strongly recommended that you save your work. The forms are compatible for work to be saved if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The latest Adobe products are available from Webster University through Adobe Creative Cloud. If you have any questions about Adobe Creative Cloud, please reach out to the IT Service Desk at extension 5995 (314-968-5995).

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Proposals for the 2022-2023 catalog will only be accepted on the updated forms, which include the catalog year in the heading:



Old proposal forms will not be accepted by the committee.

  • Course Form
    Use this form to (1) propose a new course; (2) revise a course; or (3) delete a course.
  • Program Form
    Use this form to (1) propose a new degree/major, emphasis, informal focus, or certificate; (2) revise a degree/major, emphasis, informal focus, or certificate; or (3) delete a degree/major, emphasis, informal focus, or certificate.
  • Notification of a Existing Program Being Offered Online
    Use this form as the first step to add an existing program to online offerings. After approval by the Office of the Provost, work with the AVP of Online Learning to ensure that the program is officially added to online offerings through the Site Update process.