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Application Deadlines

The IRB does not utilize an application deadline system. Submissions to the IRB are reviewed in the order in which they are received. It is difficult to guarantee a precise timeframe of approval, so the applicant should plan for this in their submission and project timeline. 

The first step of review is conducted by the IRB Expeditor. The second step of review is conducted by an IRB Committee Member (Exempt or Expedited research) or by the IRB Chair (Full Board* research). Once the application package moves from the Expeditor to the second step of review, we anticipate that the applicant will receive a response within 2 weeks. However, please note that the IRB Chair and IRB Committee Members do not review applications during breaks between terms. Please plan accordingly. 

Overall, the length of time needed for final approval depends on the following factors:

  • The current volume of application packages at that time
  • Timing of submission (close to a break or during the summer term)
  • Whether the application package includes all required elements upon submission

Few proposals are accepted as originally submitted. The applicant should expect that the IRB's response will point out areas where modifications are needed, and that the IRB will expect the proposal to be revised and resubmitted. Occasionally, even the resubmitted proposal will be returned for further modification, lengthening the process.

*Full Board research proposals will not be placed on an IRB meeting agenda until the application package has been cleared by the IRB Expeditor and the IRB Chair. 

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