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To submit the form/request to International Services, the document has to be completed & signed by you and your Academic Advisor and submitted-scanned to  Subject Line: Name of the request (example “Shorten Program Request”), Last name, First name, Webster ID #

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Student inviting relatives to visit the USA

During your studies at Webster University you may want to invite your parents or other family members to visit. Here are some suggestions to help them apply for a visitor's visa (B-2) at a US consulate or embassy in their home country.                                                                                                                                                                        

To facilitate their visa interview process you should do the following:

  • Write a letter of invitation. Include the purpose of the visit, your relationship to the individuals, a statement of your status here, itinerary details and the length of the time they will be visiting (usually less than three months). It is best to emphasize the temporary nature of the invitation and to demonstrate their intention to return to their home country following the visit. If you will provide their financial support while they are here, include that information as well.
  • Include an Enrollment Verification Letter from our Registrar's office to confirm your student status.
  • If you are graduating and they are traveling to attend your commencement ceremony, provide details of the Commencement Ceremony (date/time/place, copy of your petition to graduate).
  • For additional information about US consulate/embassy locations and application procedures, review the US Department of State visa information at

Providing your family members with this documentation may improve their chance of obtaining a visa; however, there is no guarantee a visa will be issued. The success of their request for a visa lies in their ability to prove that they have no intention of staying permanently in the U.S.

Please note that IRIS staff members are unable to write a letter of invitation for your family members.