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The Air University Associate to Bachelor Cooperative (AU-ABC) was developed to allow enlisted Airmen who have earned credits through the Community College of the Air Force to complete their bachelor's degrees from participating colleges and universities online.

As a participant in the AU-ABC, students holding an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) can apply their earned degree towards any Webster undergraduate degree completion program, including the following online degree completion programs:

BA in Management:   (Program Plan - Degree Plan)

BS in Data Analytics:   (Program Plan - Degree Plan)

BA in Media Communications:   (Program Plan - Degree Plan)

Graduates of any of the 68 CCAF AAS degrees may enter Webster University and receive in transfer 64 credit hours towards their degree completion, substantial course waivers for the Global Citizenship Program (Webster University's General Education program required of all undergraduate students), as well as an additional 4 credit hours of HLSC 1310, Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle, based on the physical requirements of their role as airmen.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Completion of the CCAF Associate of Applied Science Degree
  2. Application and admission to the Webster University undergraduate program following prescribed admission procedures


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  1. Submission of an official transcript showing completion of the CCAF AAS degree
  2. Submission of an official copy of the student's service record, to accommodate the award of credit hours not accounted for on the CCAF transcript

Transfer Credit Awarded

Students will receive transfer credit of the full 64 hours required for the CCAF AAS degree. They will additionally receive 4 credit hours of HLSC 1310, Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle, based on the physical requirements of their role as airmen.

Webster University undergraduate degree completion requirements are as follows:

  1. Successful completion of 128 credit hours
  2. Successful completion of at least 30 of a student's final 36 credit hours registered for and earned directly from Webster University
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 earned in courses taken at Webster University based on a 4.0 system
  4. Successful completion of an approved major
  5. Successful completion of Global Citizenship Program requirements

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Global Citizenship Program

The Global Citizenship Program is a set of undergraduate degree requirements and a general education program developed by Webster University faculty to help prepare students to confront global problems and 21st-century challenges. Holistically, it is the blueprint to ensure Webster University graduates skilled women and men, prepared to take responsibility and apply what they know in any situation anywhere.

By helping students develop knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, intellectual and practical skills, understanding of personal and global responsibility, and the abilities to integrate and apply what is learned, the Global Citizenship Program is designed to help Webster students excel in this new world.

This table illustrates how the Global Citizenship Program aligns with the Community College of the Air Force AAS degree requirements (see GCP Alignments for more information):

Webster University Global Citizenship Program alignments with the Community College of the Air Force AAS degree requirements
First-Year Seminar, 3 hours. Fulfilled by CCAF Leadership, Management, and Military Studies  
Global Citizenship Keystone, 3 hours*  
GCP Knowledge Areas GCP Skills Areas
Roots of Cultures, 6 hours.  3 of 6 hours fulfilled by the CCAF Humanities requirement.  3 remaining hours required* Written Communication, 3 hours. Fulfilled by the CCAF Written Communications requirement.
Social Systems and Human Behavior, 6 hours.  Fulfilled by Leadership, Management and Military Studies and the CCAF Social Science requirement. Oral Communication, 3 hours. Fulfilled by CCAF Oral Communications.
Physical and Natural World, 3 hours.  Fulfilled by the Technical Core/Major. Critical Thinking, 3 hours*
Global Understanding, 3 hours* Intercultural Competence, 3 hours*
Arts Appreciation, 3 hours* Ethical Reasoning, 3 hours*
Quantitative Literacy, 3 hours.  Fulfilled by the CCAF Math requirement.  
Total Remaining Requirements:  21 hours. However, students may be able to complete in 12 hours if courses are selected strategically since courses are coded to fulfill both a Knowledge AND Skill areas. Students may be able to complete in as few as 12 hours.

*As student individual transcripts will vary, if students have courses over and above the standard degree requirements for the CCAF AAS degree, they may request that their advisor evaluate these courses individually to request further substitutions with respect to GCP requirements. Outlined above is the minimum expectation based on standard CCAF AAS degree requirements.

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