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Graduate Music Auditions

handtheoryWebster offers the Master of Arts degree in music and the Master of Music degree. 

Students must complete a minimum of 32 hours of graduate credit regardless of the chosen emphasis.

To be accepted for graduate study in music at Webster, a student must meet these criteria:

  1. An undergraduate GPA of 2.5 in music courses
  2. Completion of at least 30 undergraduate semester hours in music
  3. Completion of prerequisites for Webster's graduate courses
  4. Successful demonstration of knowledge as demonstrated in entrance examinations appropriate to the proposed area of concentration.

Please contact the Department of Music at the Webster Groves campus by phone (314) 968-7032 to request more information, or to schedule an entrance examination and audition. Graduate student auditions are separate from undergraduate auditions.

Audition Procedures

Audition literature requirements are listed on this page. All graduate music auditions are scheduled on an individual basis.

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