Collaborative Research Grant Program | Webster University

President's Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Program

The Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Program, funded by President Julian Schuster, provides assistance to current undergraduate students conducting research under the direction of a faculty member which will result in a work product. Collaborative research is an activity which is recognized as providing high impact learning. It offers students the opportunity to gain insight and experience into their professional or research fields and to develop relevant skills.

Research Projects and Work Products

At Webster, research is defined broadly and includes artistic, scholarly, and other research activities fitting our variety of disciplines and majors. Students should be registered for credit-bearing courses with research requirements (including independent studies, capstones, and other special project courses). With their faculty sponsor's approval, students may also apply for grants in cases where project-related activities continue after the completion or the course or for summer research projects (expenses not to extend past graduation). Examples of projects/work products may include, but are not limited to: a paper, a poster presented at a professional conference, an article or other publication, laboratory research, field work, a performance, a display, an exhibition of original works or collections, or other project appropriate to the discipline. Upon completion of projects, recipients will be asked to provide a final report or presentation, as determined by the supporting faculty member. For the Office of the Provost, recipients will provide a one-page summary or progress report on their project which is due when the project is complete or, in any case, no later than four weeks after the semester for which the grant was awarded.

For research which involves human subjects, proof of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs before funds will be disbursed. (IRB approval is not required to submit an application, but grants to fund research with human subjects will be released only when IRB approval is documented). See the IRB website for more information.

Grant Amount and Eligible Expenses

Students may request grants of up to $500 to defray expenses incurred by research activities and/or their presentation. 

  • Eligible expenses include: research/performance materials and supplies, books/resources, research participant honoraria, survey instrument/software expenses, access/usage of non-Webster research equipment, conference expenses, presentation expenses, and/or other necessary expenses.
  • Funding is not provided for: equipment, furniture or other capital items; tuition or fees; remuneration of research applicants or faculty sponsors.

In accordance with University policy and procedures, documentation of expenses must be provided (original receipts/expense reports or invoices) to the Office of Academic Affairs.

To Apply

Students should complete the Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Application.

The student should be prepared to include the following:

  • The title and brief description of the project, including expected final product
  • A budget, listing specific items for which funding is requested
  • Identification of other sources of funding received or being sought
  • Name and email of recommending faculty member

Applications are reviewed twice each academic year by a Grant Program committee.  For more information regarding the distribution of research grant funds, see The Administrative Guidelines for Distributing President Student/Faculty Research Grant Funds document.