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Dean's Global Initiative

Dean's Global Initiative - Provost Schuster

The goal of the Dean’s Global Initiative is to ensure at least one global feature in every academic program, establishing a common characteristic of all Webster University programs and a point of distinction for the institution.

A Global Feature:

  • Provides an engaged understanding of aspects of the area of study that extend to other parts of the globe, beyond the students’ home country, continent, and culture (making use of Webster’s global network, where possible),
  • Is specific to the area of study, and thus extends beyond what is provided by the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) and non-native language requirements,
  • Extends beyond any global features that may be inherently part of the area of study,
  • Is developed in collaboration with Webster’s global faculty (where possible),
  • Is part of the learning experience of every student who earns the degree, AND
  • Is formally embedded in the curriculum.

The Dean’s Global Initiative encourages collaboration between departments, schools, colleges, and campus locations; provides incentive to pilot new technologies; promotes the work of faculty/staff groups; and ensures alignment of faculty proposals and strategic direction.