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Resources for Students

The information in this section will help you prepare for your study abroad experience before, during, and after your adventure! Before you begin reading through our site-specific information, we recommend that you read through some helpful tips, as well as suggestions on travel from the Department of State.

Budgeting Abroad

  • Cost sheets are available online under each campus's page. Invest in constructing a reasonable budget for your time abroad. The budget should be one that reflects your goals while abroad (travel, activities, etc.) and your personal “comfort zone” (staying in hotels vs. hostels).
  • We recommend contacting recent study abroad returnees to gather additional information on realistic budget expectations.
  • Meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss how your financial aid may be used abroad and be sure to talk about options for additional funding to cover increased expenses due to cost of living or travel.

Below are some helpful tips and links and a few steps to take in order to insure that you are ready to for your travel experience.

Travel Information