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Two-Factor Authentication

2FA Now Available!

2-Factor Authentication (2FA), also referred to as Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), adds an additional layer of security by requiring two factors to access your online account. Your account password is the first factor. The second factor of authentication is typically verifying your identity via a code on a personal device you are in possession of, such as a mobile phone.  Many times, a password alone is not enough to fully secure your account. Cyber criminals routinely target institutions using hacked credentials obtained via phishing or other fraudulent methods.  Though 2FA adds a few seconds to the logon process from off campus, this extra layer of security further protects institutional data and your account while also helping mitigate risks of cyber and phishing attacks.

The University's rollout of 2FA will first focus on Email and Office 365 services with more systems to be assessed at a later date. 

Required rollouts will be scheduled in phases beginning in late Fall 2019 and continue through the Spring 2020 semester. Please stay tuned to this page for more information on the rollout schedule. To take advantage of this additional security for your account prior to the scheduled rollouts, an early opt-in form is now available! Please see below for links to additional information. 

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