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Windows Computer Lab Software

Base Software Titles for
Webster Groves Campus -  Fall 2018

Information Technology (IT) maintains computer labs in several buildings across the Main Campus in Webster Groves, Missouri. IT also maintains a library of software titles available for use by current Webster students, faculty, and staff. Each computer lab has specific software installed, or available via Campus Connect (VDI). Displayed in the table below are software titles and versions that are installed on ALL Windows computers across the Webster Groves Main Campus. In addition to this "base" image of software, computer labs also have course-specific software titles available. To find these additional software lists, click on the room number of each computer lab on the Computer Lab Locations page

To search for location of software on campus by title, please click here.



 7-Zip, 64-Bit 18.01 
Adobe Acrobat DC 18 
Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App   2018
Adobe Reader  2018.011.20035
FileZilla 3.30.0 
Flash Player Active-X/Plugin 
Google Chrome 64.0.3282.167 
Java™ Platform SE 8 u 162 X 32 
Java™ Platform SE 8 u 162 X 64 
Java™ Platform SE  1.8u162 X 64 JDK
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (11.125.16299.0) 
Microsoft Office Professional Plus  2016 X 64
Microsoft.Net Framework  4.7.1 
Mozila Firefox 64-bit  58.0.2
Notepad++  7.5.1
Shockwave Player 28.0 r0 
Siverlight 5.1.50905.0 
Windows 10 X 64 Enterprise  17.09