Getting Help In A Lab | Webster University

Getting Help In A Lab

If you are in a computer lab and need assistance you may contact the Lab Assistants.  Many labs have phones in the hallway outside the lab or nearby. Dial 8623 from any phone on the Webster Groves campus to reach a Lab Assistant or go to Sverdrup Room 107. 

Lab Assistants are available anytime during regular lab hours.

How Lab Assistants Help

  • Answer general computing questions about getting started, saving, and printing
  • Assist students in learning to operate scanners
  • Check out headphones and accessories
  • Replenish printing supplies
  • Clear paper jams in printers
  • Record maintenance requests to pass along to the full-time staff
  • Assist in file translation, where possible, between programs and platforms

How Lab Assistants Cannot Help

  • Offer tutoring or instruction on highly specialized software such as programming languages or multimedia authoring, although they will make every effort to help students find the support they need from manuals and online help
  • Explain homework assignments; these questions will be referred to the instructor
  • Modfiy labs, hard drives, peripherals or the network, or make repairs "on the spot." They will make every effort to relocate students or work around problems when they arise, and report problems to our technicians for repair.