ESA Request Form Field Definitions | Webster University

ESA Request Form: Field Defininitions

Field Required? Description
Replacement or New? Yes Helps determine level of CX (CARS) access is needed. Access will be modeled after individual being replaced.
Employee (User) Data  
Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial Yes Name of user/employee
Campus Yes Identifies specific campus of user
Building No Identifies specific building user is in
Room No Identifies specific room user is in
Department No Department of user
Title Yes Job title of user, if an employee
Webster Email Address (if known) No  
Primary Role Yes  
Effective Date Yes When access is needed
System(s) Access  
CX (CARS) Yes, if any level of CX is required See Required
CX (CARS) Printing - Name of printer to be accessed Yes, if CX user will print

Name of printer to which user will send print jobs

Permission to review department budget? Yes  
Permission to update online directory? Yes Budget Account Code indicates departmental budget to be charged for calls placed by the user
Network/shared drive access required? Yes, if access to a Novell shared drive is required. Must provide path of shared drive or folder to be accessed. Only available at the Webster Groves campus.
Connections Admin access? Yes  
Equipment Required
University telephone? Yes Will the user need their own University phone? If yes, indicate if there is already an existing phone, and if there is, what is the extension?
Long distance code? Yes Will they need a long distance code?
Computer? Yes Will they need their own University computer?
Authorization and Acknowledgement
Supervisor Authorization Yes Verifies request has been approved
Employee Acknowledgement Yes Verifies user acknowledges proper use of systems and data