Creating a Work Order | Webster University

Creating a Work Order

  1. Go to the Work Orders page.
  2. Click Submit a Technology Request.

    Submit IT Request

  3. The Cherwell Service Management portal login page will display. Click on Click to Login in the upper right corner.

    Cherwell Landing Page

  4. Enter your Connections username and password, then click Sign-In.

    Cherwell Login

  5. Locate the service that you need under Services Offered, and click on its corresponding link.

    Cherwell Home Page

  6. You may be asked to further categorize your request. Select a subcategory.

    Cherwell Subcategories

  7. Provide details about your request. Required fields are outlined in red

    Cherwell Request Form

    Note: Department, Building, and Area/Room are required for Faculty/Staff at the Webster Groves campus. The building drop-down list is only populated for the Webster Groves campus. For other campuses, please include Building/Room information if it will be useful to the technician assigned to your work order.

  8. Fill in the information required about your request/issue as completely as possible. Once you are finished click Submit.
  9. You will get a confirmation screen which shows your Incident or Service Request ID number. Clicking OK will take you back to the self-service portal homepage.