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Are you ready for CampusConnect??
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CampusConnect is a new way students and faculty can access software for courses that use specialized applications. CampusConnect is currently available at the Webster Groves campus, as well as St. Louis Metro campuses (Gateway, Winghaven, and Westport).

What is CampusConnect?

CampusConnect is Webster's branding of VDI (or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). VDI is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system – and accompanying software applications – on a centralized computing environment using virtual servers. In other words, VDI separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the desktop or laptop computer that is used to access it.

It is Information Technology’s goal to use this new tool, CampusConnect, to provide a better lab experience for our students and faculty. The logins will be faster, the software will be more readily available, and the labs will become more accessible. We understand that a change like this has some impact and we are working very hard to make the change seamless and simple.

If you have any questions about CampusConnect, or are concerned with some aspect of its performance, please let us know.  We want to do everything we can to make you succeed using this tool, and we are dedicated to constantly improving the services we provide.
For any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk:

     On-campus: ext. 5995
     Off-campus: 314-968-5995
     Toll-free: 1-866-435-7270

Why use CampusConnect at Webster? 

While CampusConnect will be available only on the Webster Groves (and St. Louis Metro) campuses during Phase I, VDI provides significant benefits for faculty, students, staff. as well as the entire University.  Click on the headings below to find out more about each:

Reduces energy consumption costs
Will stretch the life of existing PCs
Can provide multiple custom desktops for each class
Privacy issues are eliminated
Reduces faculty, student, and staff downtime
Can easily handle large files like CAD documents and video files
Offers increased security
Reduces software costs
Provides a faster computing environment

  • CampusConnect (or VDI) is environmentally friendly. Thin client computers use 30 to 50% less power than a traditional desktop computer and produce less heat while operating thus reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the computer labs.

  • Virtual desktops don’t need to rely on the horsepower of the endpoint devices, and we can stretch the life of existing PCs by repurposing them as terminals or by replacing them with thin clients. Turning an aging PC into a CampusConnect client also can extend the PC's life, adding years to the refresh cycle.

  • The ability to create multiple custom desktops for each class is a huge benefit – no longer are there problems with conflicting versions of software needed by different instructors trying to coexist on the same image. Students and faculty in different classes with different computing needs can log on to the same machines without conflict.

  • The image is downloaded, fresh, every time a new user sits down. Privacy issues are eliminated, since each machine is, in effect, wiped clean and reset every time someone new uses it. The user interface and layout will be the same, no matter which computer lab or muktimedia-enabled classroom you use. You won’t have to get used to a new desktop layout every time you change devices or locations.

  • CampusConnect also reduces student, faculty, and staff downtime. When a device fails to load, there is no need for you to wait until it gets repaired. Your virtual desktop can be replicated and reload in a few minutes, so you can resume work quickly.

  • One important benefit of CampusConnect is that all users on a network can access large files like CAD documents and video files. Conventional devices may struggle to load large files because their hardware is limited, and processor-dependent and memory-hungry applications may not even run on some conventional devices.

  • CampusConnect also offers increased security. Sensitive data stored on laptops and tablets can be lost or stolen very easily. With CampusConnect, the data you work with every day is stored in a secure environment - the data center. Anti-virus and Malware software updates are easier to do and to track with CampusConnect. Backups are centralized and easier to manage in the cloud.

  •   CampusConnect reduces software costs. Another important benefit of implementing CampusConnect at Webster is that  fewer licenses of each virtualized application will be needed. In the past, applications were installed in every lab, and many were rarely used. For a full list of software available this Fall to faculty and students in specific courses. please see our CampusConnect Software Lists.

  • CampusConnect provides a faster computing environment. CampusConnect runs on a powerful server infrastructure; operating systems and applications run faster than they do on a local computer. Faster computing environments increase computing efficiency and improve user experience.