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Opportunities for Future Students

At the Westport campus location, Webster University offers degrees to graduate and undergraduate students. With full-time, part-time and online programs available, students who enroll in classes at Webster position themselves for career advancement and new professional opportunities. Begin your program in any of our 5 terms per year and take classes one night per week or more.

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In-Classroom Westport Academic Programs Online Program Available
MBA: Master of Business Administration X
MS in Criminal Justice X
MS in Cybersecurity X
MS in Finance X
MA in Human Resources Development X
MA in Human Resources Management X
MA in Information Technology Management X
MA in Legal Studies  X
MA in Management and Leadership X
MA in Organizational Development X
MA in Procurement & Acquisitions Management X
MS in Science Management & Leadership X
BS in Business Administration  
BS in Computer Science  
BA in Criminology  
BA in Management  
BA in Management: Human Resources Management  
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Threat Detection X
Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development X
Graduate Certificate in Project Management X

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